18. Sep, 2018

Tamil Movie Wildfire The Arabian Heart Free Download

Tamil Movie Wildfire: The Arabian Heart Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

A city girl on a family journey meets the love of her life and a horse called Wildfire.

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original title: Wildfire: The Arabian Heart

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance,Sport

duration: 1h 28min

budget: $1,000,000

keywords: horse, comingofage, studentfilm, roadtrip, nativeamerican, disability, christian, children









































A city girl on a family journey meets the love of her life and a horse called Wildfire. Lindsey a teenage girl is talked into driving across country from Lowell Massachusetts to visit her Uncle Jack in the Midwest who has never recovered from a tragedy in his past. There she falls in love with a ranch hand Logan and finds herself tricked into volunteering for a race at the county fair by the local rich girl Abigail. The problem is she has no riding experience but she just can't back out so she defies the odds and learns enough to compete. Beautifully filmed in the Midwest along a river valley ranch. This is a family styled feature film about a girl coming of age as she connects with her past, lets loose the champion within and meets the love of her life. Lindsey starts out from Lowell and heads out on the road leaving the city life behind to her Uncle Jacks place. Here on a Midwest horse ranch here she makes new friends and meets a horse named Wildfire. The only positive thing to say about this film is that it makes Coleman Francis's "The Skydivers" look good by comparison. I strongly suspect it was made by community-college film students or by people who desperately needed union cards. The plot is like an outline of every horse movie ever cross-pollinated by a family drama (or rather a failed attempt at one; as we know nothing about the characters when the 'dramatic revelations' are revealed, we don't care), the footage looks like it was shot with a camcorder, if by some miracle the sound recorders and editors are in the union they should be kicked out, the credits look like they were made by someone playing with Power Point fade-ins...the movie alleges to be about a girl finding her true love (with whom she has as much chemistry as she does with the John Deere utility vehicle) while training to ride a horse in a big race. The teen actors can't act, the horse is basically there to stand around (SPOILER: he drops dead of "age", despite being in what for an Arabian is early middle age at best, most failure to research, before this big race can come off) and be patient, the movie has more free-range children than a 1950s Japanese monster movie (the heroine's little brother has more genuine emotion and chemistry saying goodbye to his friend, who we've never seen before and will never see again, than she does with anything). At least one line is blatantly cribbed from Star Wars for no reason any sane person could determine. The woefully fake "electric fence" shock is an apparent attempt to reference Jurassic Park but would work better if the director and editor had some idea how to use cutaway shots. Frankly I wouldn't be at all surprised if they filmed at ValleyFair Amusement Park by buying tickets and smuggling their cameras in their backpacks. The vet character is only ever filmed with his face obscured-clearly the smartest person connected with this film. I give this one star because zero isn't an option, though I suppose I ought to give it two for finally showing me there are movies out there worse than "Red Zone Cuba" (because hey, at least that had John Carradine singing the theme song.) Thank God I got this in a DVD bundle for $3 with a halfway-decent movie at Wal-Mart. I sincerely hope no one connected with this production ever saw a dime from it. They owe anyone who ever sat through it instead. I've sat through the worst Mystery Science Theater had to offer (yes, even the unedited, un-snarked versions of some, like "The Head That Wouldn't Die".) By comparison, they're all art.

The horse was pretty. Dialogue was awful from the start. Sound editing was beyond bad - I don't know if it was mic placement but one moment you would hear the actress talking, and the next it was as though you were across the room.

Tack on the poor soundtrack and this one isn't just a no - it's a hell no. I've seen better dialog, mechanics and acting on the Disney channel.

I am sure that the filmmakers had good intentions here, but there's nothing worse than a rush job or a job done in an amateur fashion. That really seemed to be the case here.


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